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If there’s one thing that we know at the Maya Kitchen, it’s hotcakes. While our convenient mixes make it simple to whip up a batch instead of cooking them from scratch, it’s still good to know these tips when making hotcakes.

Tip #1: Oil it up

Each and every Maya Hotcake mix comes with instructions printed on the packaging. The recipe calls for a medium-sized egg, water, two tablespoons of oil, plus the mix itself. We recommend vegetable oil, as it’s the standard oil when whipping up hotcakes.

The oil is also important for greasing your pan before pouring in the hotcake batter. While you may be tempted to use butter, know that it burns up really fast, and your hotcakes may not be consistent in terms doneness.

If you really want to use butter, use butter that is clarified, as it has a higher smoke point. It’s fairly simple to make: just let the butter slowly melt on medium-low heat without stirring. When it’s completely melted, skim off any foam from the top. Strain the butter to remove any leftover foam, then store in an airtight container in the refrigerator.

Tip #2: Start with the egg 

When using Maya Hotcake Mix, the first thing you start with is the egg. Make sure to beat it lightly before adding the oil and water, then mix in the dry ingredients.

Tip #3: It’s all in the mix

How your hotcakes turn out depend on how you mix your batter. You can undermix, overmix, or balance it out to get the kind of texture you want. Undermixing a batch means leaving a lot of lumps and flour streaks in your batter. This will produce soggy, but still yummy, hotcakes.

Overmixing means making the batter smooth and devoid of lumps or any flour streaks. The result is flat and thin hotcakes. This style of mixing is prone to overcooking or even burning your hotcakes.

Tip #4: Keep it lumpy

We recommend leaving in some lumps and flour streaks in your mix. This will turn out a perfect batch of light and fluffy hotcakes, especially if you’re consistent with the amount of batter: 1/4 to 1/3 cup per hotcake will do.

Tip #5: End with the pan

After pouring your batter, wait until it turns bubbly and the bubbles pop leaving indentations in the batter. That’s when you know it’s time to flip your hotcake and cook the other side.

Even the kind of pan you use is important. If you don’t have a griddle, use a wide heavy-bottomed pan to give you more room to flip. Thin-bottomed pans will result in burnt hotcakes.

We hope these tips will help you cook a simply delicious batch of hotcakes for you and the kids using Maya Hotcake Mix. Enjoy!

8 thoughts on “Hotcakes How To

  1. Michelle B. says:

    Good morning. Did Maya change their ingredients? I’m asking because the packaging changed. Also, My uncle recently bought me some for the US and it tastes different. Something is missing.

    • The Maya Kitchen says:

      Hello from the Philippines! Maya did change packaging designs for some products. Is this Maya Hotcake Mix that your uncle brought over? What kind of packaging did it come in — carton box, paper bag, plastic pouch?

  2. Wendlyn Marie Gadot says:

    Hi! Good day! May I ask if there’s a store that sells Maya hotcake directly in Pangasinan? Because every time we went to grocery stores it is always out of stock. We always use Maya hotcake for our food business and this Ber months we have a lot of orders.

  3. Sofia Alemany says:

    Hi! I really love this pancake mix, but does the calories in the nutrition facts include the calories of the egg and oil or just the pancake mix itself? Ty!

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