Cool Summer Food Tips

Summer is finally here! Now’s the perfect time to break out your grill for some fun in the sun and have a delicious time with family and friends. And with this tropical weather, it’s important to serve food that’s refreshingly good to help cool us off and enjoy the season.

That’s why we at the Maya Kitchen have come up with some tips for what to serve this summer.

#1 Serve Up Some Fresh Greens

Salads are a light, healthy, and refreshing way to kick off any meal. Plus they’re quick to make and the perfect guilt-free dish to enjoy.

There’s no shortage of fruits and veggies in season during summer, so get to your local wet market and make the most of it. Fresh produce have little to no preservatives, and they’re a way better alternative to your supermarket’s pre-packaged greens that may expose you to chemicals used to keep them from spoiling.

With all this variety, try to be inventive. Don’t shy away from using less common ingredients like nuts and local fruits. Go for other dressings besides the typical Caesar, like Chef Jessie’s Mesclun of Local Greens with Marigold and Crispy Coconut Flakes in Coco-Balsamic Vinaigrette Dressing. This salad recipe goes beyond the norm by incorporating coconut and floral ingredients, an interesting and delectable dish that’s sure to be a showstopper.

#2 Fire up the Grill

Nothing livens up a summer day better than throwing a fun barbecue pool party! Invite your friends and family for some seriously good eats and some splashy fun in the water.

Aside from being a summer staple, grilled foods are actually a healthy way to prepare food. Just make sure that what you’re cooking achieves the “minimum internal temperature” (beef is at about 72°C; chicken is at about 74°C; pork and seafood are about 63°C).

Try our Hotcake Chicken Burritos using our amazing marinade recipe. Grill that chicken to perfection, add some fresh cucumber and tomato, wrap them in crepes made from Maya Original Hotcake Mix, and serve!

#3 Go Literal

Summer is all about the frozen goodies. From ice cream to iced coffee, the list goes on. Incorporate fresh ingredients like fruits to your frozen recipes to make sure you have healthy, cooling sweet treats on reserve that you can pick up quick any time the temperature soars.

Summer Craze Pops

If you’re game to try your hand at whipping up something cold, our Summer Craze Pops could be right up your alley. This recipe will teach you how to make Banana, Strawberry, and Orange Mango-flavored Pops. Creamy and fruity, this recipe’s secret ingredient is Maya Cornstarch. Why? Cornstarch serves as the base for most frozen goodies. Just be careful not to overdo it so it doesn’t thicken your concoction too much and affect the taste.

If you have other summer food tips you want to share, leave a comment below. Here’s to having an unforgettable summer!

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