Champorado of Champions

Champorado of Champions

Now that the rainy season is upon us, few can bring the same comfort of having a bowl of Champorado warm your stomach as you wait for the sun to shine.

Champorado — its history can be traced all the way back to the galleon trade between Mexico and thePhilippines. Apparently, the Mexican traders who stayed in the Philippines shared their recipe for “Champurrado,” with Filipinos modifying the ingredients through the years, and finally adding rice to it to make it more local.

Image titleRecipe here.

Made from sweet glutinous rice or “malagkit,” Champorado is a chocolate rice porridge that traditionally uses pure cocoa blocks or “tableya” as the main ingredient, mixed with sugar and milk.

That was the traditional method.

These days, it’s as easy as taking a trip to your favorite grocery or supermarket to grab yourself a pack of Maya Champorado Mix, to have an authentic taste of Champorado, in an instant!

So the next time you see dark clouds on the horizon, try this recipe for Champorado of Champions, sure to make the greyest of days much brighter.

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