A Guide to the Best of Maya Kitchen’s Online Cooking Classes

The Maya Kitchen Online Class

Why enroll in an online cooking class?

Nowadays, with all the time spent at home, its a struggle to balance work and household chores.  It can be taxing on a mental, physical, and emotional level. One way of alleviating all this is to soothe your mind and well-being with something you truly enjoy. Online learning courses let you educate yourself on things you never thought you could learn outside a traditional classroom setting. The Maya Kitchen makes the joy of cooking more accessible with our live online cooking classes.

This article tackles everything you need to know about online cooking classes, as well as a rundown of the types of courses we have to offer.    

5 Basics of Online Cooking Classes

If you’ve never done an online class before, here’s what you need to know:

  1.    Make sure you have a decent Internet connection.

A stable Internet connection is a must. Online cooking classes are an investment. Therefore, you need to make sure that you maximize your learning potential.

Its unavoidable to experience a disconnection every now and then but having good Internet speed ensures you get back online immediately. 

The great thing about our online cooking classes is that its live. This meaning, your instructor can pick up where you left off when you reconnect. However, stable Internet lets you learn with minimal interruptions.

  1. Use a reliable device.

If you don’t have a computer of your own, borrow one from a family member or a friend. Learning online is best experienced on a desktop or laptop. The large screen ensures you see your instructor and what he or she is demonstrating. A tablet is also an option and so is a phone, but if you’re learning in a group, then its best to have a large screen.

  1. Download and test the recommended video conference app before signing up.

Make sure to download the appropriate video conference app before signing up for an online cooking class. Test it, too. This gives you time to determine if your device supports it. It also lets you troubleshoot any technical difficulties. The Maya Kitchen uses Zoom for its live classes. 

  1. Know and follow the guidelines of your online cooking classes.

After signing up, read the fine print. You will need to prepare certain ingredients and cooking or baking tools before the class. The last thing you need is to discover that you don’t have an essential ingredient midway into the course. 

  1. Come with a willingness to learn, ask questions, and have fun!

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. They’re all part of the learning process. The great thing about live online courses is you can ask your instructor for guidance at any time during the class. If you have a question, speak up. Make the most of this opportunity to learn. 

Most importantly, have fun. Think of this as your time to do something good for yourself beyond work and day-to-day chores. It’s a way to learn how to do what you love in the comfort of your own home.

Choose from this list of Maya’s Live Classes        

February is going to be exciting with Maya’s live cooking and online baking classes for you and your family. Take your pick from these interesting topics and get ready to your culinary smash hits.

  1. Healthy Wraps and Sandwich Online Cooking Class

This is the ideal class for the busy parent. Wraps and sandwiches are quick meals that can prove satisfying. We understand that you want only the best for your kids, so the recipes you’ll learn here are as healthy as they are yummy. This is scheduled for February 6, 2021, so don’t miss your chance to enroll.

  1. Family Valentine’s Cooking and Baking Class

Happy Hearts Day is right around the corner. Celebrate it in a unique way and share the love with the whole household! You’ll learn how to create Valentine-themed goodies as a family. So, put on those aprons and get your rolling pins ready and sign up for this online baking class scheduled for February 13, 2021.  

  1. Basic Cakes Class

This live online baking class isn’t just about making two delicious cakes. You’ll learn the right measuring techniques and why certain ingredients are essentials. Get ready to take your hobby to a whole new level by enrolling in our Basic Cakes Class. Happening on February 20, 2021.

  1. Knife Skills Classes

Even the most skilled chefs will tell you that using a knife is a skill that needs to be mastered. Did you know that slicing, chopping, or dicing ingredients need to be done right to make a successful dish? This class will teach you knife techniques with safety top-of-mind. Sign up for our Knife Skills Class, which is happening on February 17, 2021.
We can’t wait to be part of your cooking and baking journey! View our class schedule for more information.

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