What We Do @ The Maya Kitchen

What We Do @ The Maya Kitchen

The Maya Kitchen is known as a culinary and baking institute which has been around since the 1960s. Initially established to develop the baking industry, the Maya Kitchen has evolved from being a training center for aspiring bakers, into a premiere resource for anything related to the culinary arts.

  1. Culinary and Baking Short Courses
    Every week, the Maya Kitchen conducts 4-day certificate courses, alternating between BASIC COOKING and BASIC CULINARY. Participants are given a crash course in cooking methods, knife skills, making sauces, as well as all the fundamentals of baking. These classes are held from Tuesday to Friday. For schedules, visit and bookmark https://themayakitchen.com/classes.Image title
  2. Book Publication
    Aside from being one of the most established culinary learning institutions in the country, the Maya Kitchen is also a leading author of cookbooks, and other publications related to dining and cuisine. Here is a list of books that are currently out on the market, and available at National Bookstores, or other leading bookstores nationwide.Image title
  3. Research and Development
    Being the research arm of MAYA, the Maya Kitchen spends a considerable amount of time experimenting on new food ideas using its cake mixes and flours. The results of these kitchen tests are used to improve its products and are also applied in teaching methods for lifestyle classes.Image title
  4. Product Benchmarking
    To remain relevant and aware of what is popular in the restaurant scene, the Maya Kitchen staff regularly research new places to eat, trying out different menus, and keeping up-to-date with food trends.Image title
  5. Lifestyle Classes
    Saturdays are usually reserved for 1 day lifestyle classes which are either hands-on or demos. These are recreational activities for hobbyists, homemakers who want to pick up a new skill, or professionals interested in upgrading their craft. Topics range from wine tasting, to fondant decorating, to donut making, to barista classes. During summer, kiddie workshops are offered as well.

    Image title Donut Making Class. Photo courtesy of Charo Dugan.

    The Maya Kitchen’s dedicated chefs and instructors, make sure they know what they’re teaching by heart, with an afternoon of practice and preparation of the class’ menu, prior to the actual class. This makes the end product consistent, and they’re knowledge on the subject, absolute. For schedules of Lifestyle classes, visit and bookmark https://themayakitchen.com/classes.

  6. Outside Demos and Roadshows
    Every so often, you will see the Maya Kitchen, together with MAYA booths in various malls and public events. Here, they lovingly introduce the art of baking to moms, children, and practically anyone eager to learn.

    Image title October 12, 2014 Eastwood Libis Demo for Asian Food Channel

  7. Photoshoots
    The Maya Kitchen is regularly commissioned by various organizations to prepare themed menus for pictorial. Usually on a quarterly basis, these are used by magazines and other glossies as cover photos or material for their articles.

    Image titleValentine’s Cupcakes

  8. Culinary Elite Series
    Since 2012, the Maya Kitchen has been hosting monthly cooking demonstrations, which showcase renowned chefs and restaurateurs such as Amy Besa, Sandy  Daza, and Chef Jessie, among others, to share their amazing passion for the culinary arts. To find out the schedule of the next Culinary Elite Series class, visit and bookmarkhttps://themayakitchen.com/classes.

    Image titleGlenda Barreto of Via Mare, February 2012, Featured Class

  9. Resource for Recipes
    The Maya Kitchen also provides recipes for newspapers and other publications, upon request.

    Image titleBuffalo Wings with Blue Cheese Dressing

  10. TV Guestings
    Every so often, the Maya Kitchen is also invited to hold cooking or baking demos for television. When available, these videos are uploaded to YouTube on the Maya Kitchen channel found on https://www.youtube.com/themayakitchen.

    Image title Shoot for Upload TV, PTV 4 with Bea Benedicto.

These are the many ways that the Maya Kitchen continuously shares its passion for cooking, baking and simply delicious food with everyone. For more information, or to register for a class, contact us on Facebook athttps://www.facebook.com/Mayakitchen or call 892-5011 loc. 108, 0947-835-2290 or email [email protected]

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