The More the Merrier

Sometimes less is more, but in this case, The Maya Kitchen begs to differ. When it comes to cake, the more layers you have, the infinitely yummier your creation!

Layer cake is exactly what the name suggests: layers of cake stacked together with frosting to form one simply delicious masterpiece!

So what keeps all those stacks together and prevents them from toppling over? The answer: frosting. The best part is you can choose from countless varieties like chocolate or vanilla. Want something a little more sophisticated? Go for marzipan, which is thick and great for holding the layers together. If you’re looking for something quick and easy, try syrup; a simple combination of sugar, water, and a dash of flavoring for pizzazz!

Layer cakes do involve a fair amount of effort. However, with patience and practice, you’ll be an expert in no time. And The Maya Kitchen is here to help you get there.

To start, you’ll need to bake several cakes of the same mixture. Or if you’re feeling ambitious, go for gold and do two or three varieties.

It’s important that the tops and bottoms of your cake layers are flat and even so they hold together. Trimming can be a challenge, especially when you’re cutting one thick cake into several layers. The trick here is to start slowly and horizontally with a serrated knife. Lightly mark the cake with your knife where you want to cut, then start cutting slowly and work towards the center.

Next, you’re going to need a cake stand or serving platter and an offset spatula. Make sure your cake layers have cooled to avoid melting your frosting. Place the bottom layer of cake on the stand, then cut strips of wax paper and carefully place them around your bottom layer. This keeps frosting from getting onto the stand.

Spoon some frosting on the center of the cake, then use your offset spatula to spread it evenly towards the edges. Take the next layer and carefully stack it on top. Continue to do this until you’ve filled and stacked all your cake layers. For every layer, take a step back and check if your cake tower looks even and carefully press the layers in place if necessary.

Once you have all the layers stacked, you can now frost the outside of your cake starting from the top. Make sure you spread it on thick. The first layer of frosting is important because it seals the crumbs in—that’s why it’s called a “crumb coat.”

Now pop your cake in the fridge for 15-30 minutes so your crumb coat sets. When that’s done, spoon a large amount of frosting on the top layer then work on the sides. Don’t stop until the entire cake is covered with frosting. Now take your offset spatula and smooth out the frosting using big strokes.

Voila! Your layer cake is done and ready to serve to appreciative friends and family. Or why not just have it all to yourself. We won’t tell!


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