Soft Giant Crinkles

Soft Giant Crinkles


1 piece egg
4 tablespoons vegetable oil
1 pack MAYA Oven Toaster Chocolate Cake Mix 200 g
confectioners’ sugar for coating
shortening for greasing cookie sheets



Slightly grease baking sheet with shortening. In a bowl, beat egg and oil. Combine the cake mix and mix with wooden spoon until smooth, about 30 strokes. Batter will be a little bit heavy. Using an ice cream scooper, mold about 40 grams of dough per cookie, place cookies into prepared cookie sheet.
Bake in a pre–heated oven for 7 minutes or until the top is cracked and the edges are set. Don’t over bake, center should still be soft. Immediately remove cookies from the baking sheet. Transfer to a wire rack to cool. Follow the procedure with the remaining cookie.
Cool then roll in confectioners’ sugar.



7 cookies

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