Single Serve Meals

If you’re struggling with portion control, a great way to address that is by by cooking recipes in individual serving size portions. By simply controlling the amount of food you prepare, it makes it that much easier to pass on a second helpings, because there won’t be any! Luckily, containers like muffin tins and ramekins are perfect for keeping your portions healthy.

Here are a few recipes that can start you on your single serve meal journey.

Chicken Vegetable Pockets

You will love everything about this flaky portable hand pie. With an extra dose of vegetables, this very convenient comfort food is sturdy enough to eat on-the-go.

Chicken Vegetable Pockets

Easy Pancake Parmesan Souffle

Add a touch of boldness to your breakfast with this fluffy and simply delicious treat. It is super easy to make and you can use your favorite toppings to dress it up whichever way you like.

Flaky Empanada

Full of flavor in a flaky light pastry package, this Filipino favorite is the perfect snack food.

Beef Pot Pie

Guaranteed to be the best and most flavorful beef pot pie you’ve ever tasted.

The Maya Kitchen

Italian Pancake Cups

You will love snacking on this little egg-filled delight. Great for a quick lunch or appetizer!

These goodies are so yummy that it will take an extra dose of self-control to stick to one serving each. However, with a little getting used to, and a significant dose of willpower, treating yourself to these recipes should be a very satisfying way to minimize your meal portions. Good luck!

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