Seasoning Tricks to Improve Flavor

Seasoning Tricks to Improve Flavor
Not quite satisfied with how your homecooked meals taste like? Here are a few tricks improving the flavor of your dishes!

Add a drop of acid.

  • Boost the flavor of your soups, stews and sauces by adding a drop of lemon juice or vinegar.

Season cold food more generously.

  • Chilling food dulls flavors and aromas. Make up for it by adding extra seasoning.

Use coarse salt when seasoning meat.

  • Instead of table salt, use coarse salt to season proteins. The larger crystals distribute more easily and cling well to the meat’s surface.

Add dry herbs at the beginning of your cooking, and fresh at the end.

  • Dry herbs need time for their flavor to be infused into a dish and are best used while cooking. Save fresh herbs like parsley and basil for the last minute or else they’ll lose their fresh flavor and color.
  • When substituting dry herbs, in replacement of fresh herbs, always reduce the measurement of the dry herbs to half. Dry herbs have a more intense taste compared to fresh ones.

Sprinkle coarse ground pepper when finishing dishes.

  • Coarse ground pepper is best for finishing dishes at the table because its flavor is less sharp and doesn’t infuse into the dish.

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