Maya Sweet 50: 50 Delicious Years

Maya Sweet 50: 50 Delicious Years

In celebration of The Maya Kitchen’s 50th anniversary, we have come up with a series of videos, which highlight the lifestyle, and baking trends that swept the nation during the past five decades.

“Flour power” made the 60s more hip and swingin’, courtesy of the Maya Kitchen.

The age of decadence — a time of complexity, that had many things layered under its luxurious, golden surface.

It was the bitter of times, it was the sweetener of times. It was a time of uncertainty and triumph, topped with revolution and rebirth.

The 90s brought us boy bands, dial-up internet, and the hit TV show Friends. Watch this video and reminisce on how it was back then, and which cake tickled our fancy the most.

This video perfectly captures the spirit of recent times, and puts the spotlight on a baking trend that has seen a boom in popularity!

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