How to Fix Common Cupcake Problems

How to Fix Common Cupcake Problems

They may be small, but cupcakes can be just as tricky and time-consuming to bake as a full-size cake.

Nail every cupcake you bake and avoid common mishaps with these tips from #TheMayaKitchen!

The tops of your cupcakes are always sticky

  • Let your cupcakes breathe before storing or frosting them by letting them cool down in a wire rack for a few hours.

Your nuts, chocolate chips, fruits and other add-ins sink to the bottom and spread evenly

  • Your add-ins are too heavy for your batter.
  • Make sure not to over-mix  your batter since extra agitation can make batter too thin.
  • Toss your add-ins with a bit of flour before folding them into the batter. The flour creates friction between the add-ins and the batter, helping them stay in place.

Your cupcake always spill or overflow into the muffin tray

  • Don’t overfill your liners. Fill each liner up to three quarters full using a piping bag.

You cupcake liners are peeling

  • It may be due to excess moisture. Let your cupcakes cool completely before frosting and storing them.
  • Your cupcakes are under-baked or the oven temperature was too low.
  • You’re using low quality cupcake cases.


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