How to Fix Common Cake Problems

How to fix common cake problems
Being new at baking, you probably can’t help but encounter some issues along the way. Don’t worry, even the best and most experienced bakers run into baking problems, too. That’s why #TheMayaKitchen is here to help you! Our chefs are sharing this guide on how to deal with common mistakes when baking cakes.

Your cake has sunk in the middle.

  • You probably opened the oven door during baking.
  • You didn’t place the cake in the oven as soon as the mixture was ready.
  • The insides of your cake might still be raw/undercooked.

Your care is too dense or didn’t rise.

  • The baking soda or baking powder is too old, or it needs to be replaced.
  • You probably didn’t use enough leavening.
  • Your cake batter might be overmixed. Mix just until the wet and dry ingredients are evenly combined.
  • You didn’t bake your cake batter immediately.

The top of your cake is cracked.

  • Your oven might be too hot. Make sure to use an oven thermometer.
  • You used too much leavening.
  • You might be using a dark colored pan which absorbs heat more quickly than light colored aluminum pans.

You can’t get your cake out of the pan.

  • Make sure to lightly grease your pan with vegetable shortening/butter then line with nonstick baking paper.

Your cake is crumbly and easily breaks.

  • You might’ve overmixed your batter.
  • You used too much dry ingredients and not enough wet ingredients.

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