Have a Hotcake Halloween!

Ahhhhh, Halloween! It’s one of our favorite holidays on so many levels, where all things creepy take center stage!

Time to flex the right side of your brain and get extra creative with a frighteningly fun way to celebrate the spookiest season of the year with your kids.

The idea of Trick or Treat can start invading your kids’ brains as early as September, accompanied with cries of “Mom, Dad! What am I going to be for Halloween?” or “Can my costume be the best one ever?”

Aside from planning your kid’s costume and putting up your Halloween décor, buying tons of sweets for the neighborhood kids are in order! And if you want to go the extra mile, you’ll be planning that hair-raising party to end all Halloween parties! See our How-to Halloween Buffet article for ideas.

And because we love this holiday so much, we at The Maya Kitchen are eager to share more ways to help you celebrate! Why not host a merienda get-together for your family or your kids and their friends? And what could be better than serving some supernaturally delicious Halloween hotcakes!

We’ve come up with four scary-fabulous hotcake ideas that you can easily make at home with the help of our Maya Original Hotcake Mix. Just follow the instructions found on the back of the box.

Additional Ingredients:

  1. Whipped cream
  2. Chocolate syrup
  3. Strawberry syrup
  4. Dried cranberries (for the spider)


Super Spidey Hotcakes
Whip up a batch of hotcakes using Maya Original Hotcake Mix then drizzle some chocolate syrup in a spider’s web pattern on each.

Next, use cranberries or raisins to form the head and body of your spider. Finally, create legs out of whipped cream and serve to your little Spiderman fan and his friends!

Ghoulish Ghost Hotcakes
Boo! These Ghoulish Ghost hotcakes are sure to send shivers of delight up anyone’s spine once they take a bite!

Take some spray whipped cream and form 3 mounds on each pancake, each smaller than the other with the largest mound at the bottom. Press two chocolate chips on the top mound for eyes for your kids to enjoy and never mind if they cut up your best bed sheets to make their costumes!

Magnificent Mummy Hotcakes
No, we don’t mean you, mom (though you’re definitely magnificent). We mean the guys buried in tombs inside Egypt’s great pyramids!


Slather the surface of each pancake with whipped cream. Get your chocolate syrup and draw some zigzag lines to mimic a mummy’s wrappings and then use some strawberry and chocolate syrup for those mean, red eyes.

Skully Hotcakes
Nothing says Halloween more than skulls!


Spread whipped cream on the surface of each pancake then take your chocolate syrup and draw the face of your grinning skull. Cool, huh?

Also, for some added fun, whip up a big batch of hotcakes and set out the ingredients for a Halloween Hotcake-making Party! With these Halloween hotcake ideas, you’ll surely be the talk of the table. Enjoy!

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