Edible Puff Paint

We at The Maya Kitchen are all for creative play. It’s a great and healthy way for kids to release all their pent up energy and express their artistic side. Plus, seeing people like Mom and Dad appreciate their artwork also gives them a sense of achievement.

There are countless craft projects out there that your kids can choose from, so we decided to take it a step further and give you some ideas on how to make art materials from ingredients that you can find in your pantry or work nook.


Remember those paints that you could squeeze out from tubes from your childhood? The ones that sometimes had glitter and dried up with a puffy, shiny look? We’re going to teach you how you can recreate these for your kids.


You’ll need Maya All-Purpose Flour, iodized salt, water, and food coloring. *Note: for brighter colors you can use tempra paint but this will make the paint inedible, and where’s the fun in that?


Mix flour, water and salt in a bowl. Make sure that these ingredients are in equal parts. Mix well until the mixture becomes smooth. If the lumps persist add some water; flour if it’s too thin.


Divide the mixture into equal parts and place them in separate containers, according to how many colors of puff paint you plan to have. Now put your food coloring into each of the containers and mix. The more food coloring, the brighter your paint.

Happy painting (and eating)!

Note: This puff paint is non-toxic and safe for kids to taste, especially for little ones who like to put everything in their mouths. It is best to use a plate to draw on, and microwave, fry or bake your artwork after before consuming.

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