Crisp Waffles with Warm Butterscotch Sauce

Crisp Waffles with Warm Butterscotch Sauce


Butterscotch Sauce:
½ cup white sugar
¼ cup butter
½ cup all-purpose cream
2 – 3 tablespoons brandy

1 medium-sized egg
2 tablespoons oil
½ cup water
1 package MAYA Original Fluffy n’Tasty Hotcake Mix 200g
¼ cup MAYA Cornstarch
whipped cream


Prepare butterscotch sauce. In a saucepan, caramelize sugar over low heat and cook until golden brown or amber in color. Add butter and cream.Stir occasionally until sugar has dissolved.

Prepare waffles. In a bowl, combine egg, oil and water. Add hotcake mix and cornstarch and mix until well-blended and no lumps are visible. Pour ½ cup batter onto a pre-heated lightly greased waffle maker. Cook for about 3-5 minutes or until golden brown.

To assemble. Place waffle on a platter. Dollop whipped cream on top and drizzle with warm butterscotch sauce. Serve immediately.


4 – 5 waffles (depending on the size of the machine)


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