A Closer Look at the Crepe

Ah la crepe! The sophisticated, ultra-thin, yet less well-known version of traditional hotcakes. C’est magnifique!

Originally from France, the crepe derives its name from the Latin word “crispa,” which means “curled”—just like the edges of a crepe when cooked properly.

Crepe preparation is similar to making hotcakes. But unlike hotcakes, lumps are absolute no-nos and crepes need to be very thin so that the filling can be sandwiched in between folds.

Pour the batter onto a pan and tilt so it spreads evenly while making sure it doesn’t tear. For even better results, a non-stick crepe maker is preferred. A t-shaped spatula also helps to get the right thinness. Cook for about a minute and you’re done!

Experts can even flip the crepe by tossing it in the air and making it land on the other side. Sacré bleu! With a considerable amount of practice and patience, you, too can be on your way to becoming a master crepe maker.


Much like hotcakes, you can have crepes for breakfast, lunch, merienda, or dinner (indulgent midnight snack, anyone?). If you’re craving for some sweet crepes, mix up some Maya All-Purpose Flour, eggs, vegetable oil, milk, butter, sugar, and vanilla extract. Or if you prefer something more savory (also known as a galette), just skip the sugar and vanilla extract.

Once you’re done with the actual crepes, the imaginative part of making crepes begins: the filling.

For sweet crepes, fruits are an all-time favorite. Bananas, strawberries, peaches, and any other fruit you can think of can serve as your filling. You can also add cream cheese and chocolate-hazelnut spread. There are no wrong answers!

Dust on some confectioner’s sugar for that extra sweet touch. For something with a more local vibe, check out our recipe for Stuffed Pandan Crepes. Yum!

Savory crepes are meals in themselves. Throw in your favorite cheese, add ham or bacon, or combine onions, mushrooms, and tomatoes. You are only limited by your imagination.

For something really adventurous, try our Crepe-covered Embotido recipe!


Crepes have even figured in today’s food trends. Imagine layers on layers of silky thin crepes with delectable filling in between. Voila! A crepe cake!

Ice cream cones made of crepes are also a popular treat. To achieve the hard consistency of an ice cream cone, the batter is baked in an oven. Top it with scoops of your favorite ice cream and this cool everyday indulgence is made even more delicious with a hint of the exotic.

Even by themselves, crepes are a joy to eat. And just like hotcakes, they can be appreciated by anybody—just create fillings according to your tastes. It’s also a great way to use up whatever you can find in your kitchen.

Simple. Versatile. Simply delicious.

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