Baked Mussel with Cafe de Paris

Baked Mussel with Cafe de Paris


Cafe de Paris Butter:
200 grams Butter
1 pc Egg yolk
10 grams Garlic, chopped
1/2 bunch Chives, small diced
14 grams, Mustard
10 grams Chili, seedless, chopped
25 grams Shallots, chopped
1/2 pc Lemon
3 grams Black Pepper
5 grams Salt

16 pcs French bread canapes
16-32 pcs Cooked Mussels (depends on size)


Cream the butter. Add the egg yok and mix. Now gently add the rest of the ingredients. Make roulade using plastic paper, aluminum foil or wax papers. Place chiller until hard.

Cut French bread in canapes and roast in oven until golden brown. Place one or two pieces of mussels on top of canapes. Cut the butter in half finger thick slices and place on top of mussels. Place in oven or under salamander and “gratinate” until golden brown. Serve.


Good for 4 persons


Menu from Chef Martin Kaspar “A la Carte” class — A classic… but a bit spiced up.

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