Tips For Cooking Smart At Home

Stocking up on too much canned goods? With a few tricks, you can cook smart while staying safely at home.

Plan meals with common ingredients.

A common technique is to map out a 2 to 3-week meal plan that favors meals with common, shelf-stable ingredients. Before you plan out your meals, do an inventory of what is available. It is usual for a Filipino kitchen to have not only basic pantry ingredients but also stock up on shelf-stable ingredients such as pasta, beans and lentils such as mongo or red beans.

Add frozen or long-lasting veggies and fruits to your shopping list.

Using frozen varieties are usually more inexpensive, have a longer shelf life, produce less food waste and are just nutritious as using fresh ones. Even the canned ones like tomatoes and peas and carrots.

Use your freezer well

It is important to store your food properly after shopping. Spoilage is common especially if you buy lots of food all at once. As much as you would want to, only buy perishables that can fit your freezer. Cook large batch meals then freeze portions for quicker meals later in the week. Do keep your refrigerator on tip-top shape by defrosting it once in a while.






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