3 Common Cooking Mistakes When Pan Frying

3 Common Cooking Mistakes

Pan-frying is not art. But sometimes it can be hard to get it right the first few times. Let our chefs guide you through some very common mistakes beginner cooks commit when pan frying whether meat or vegetables. Cook better with these useful tips!

Not fully waiting for your oil to heat up

Your cooking surface needs to be hot enough to seal in the juices and brown the food in order to get good flavor and texture.

Overcrowding the pan

This traps heat and creates steam in the pan, causing meat and vegetables to turn limp and soggy instead of searing properly.

Flipping too much when pan-frying meat

The more you squeeze, poke, and prod, the more liquid you expel from the meat. Leave your meat to sear until it’s fully browned. Then, flip it to the next side.

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