10 Most Popular Maya Kitchen Classes

10 Most Popular Maya Kitchen Classes

Aside from its 4 day short courses on BASIC BAKING and BASIC CULINARY, the Maya Kitchen is also known for offering Lifestyle Courses, as well as featuring top chefs and restaurateurs in its Culinary Elite Series.

Mostly held on Saturday mornings, these Lifestyle courses are held several times throughout the year. They are most popular among moms and home-makers, as well as entrepreneurs and professionals who want to upgrade their skills.

Here are the 10 Maya Kitchen classes which you should immediately register for if you want to ensure a slot.


  1. Cupcake Baking and Decorating
    Hands-on. Recipes taught vary from class to class. Some examples are Jelly Coffeeccino Cupcakes, Cashew Meringue Cupcakes,Caramel Cheesecake Cups and Citrus Cupcakes with Swiss Meringue Buttercream.Image title
  2. Coffee 101 and 102
    Demo. Get an insider’s look at the various techniques in steaming, frothing, and foaming of milk. Gain knowledge in the different machine know-hows involved in drink-making and find out more about freestyle and etching that you can use to design your latte in Coffee Latte Arts. You’re also given the chance to create your own signature drink.Image title
  3. Juicing and Healthy Wraps
    Demo.  Basic juicing know-hows. Turn standard sandwiches to healthy wraps. Sample recipes to prepare: Simple Starter Detox Drink, Sooper Dooper Detox Greens, Power Booster Juice, Vegetable Wrap in Avocado Caesar Dressing, Grilled Chicken and Veggie Wrapped in Tofu Dressing and Healthy Vietnamese Wrap.Image title
  4. One Day Basic Baking
    Hands-on. This is actually Day 1 of our 4 day Basic Baking short course. The fundamentals are taught, minus the decorating and other advanced modules.Image title
  5. One Day Basic Cooking
    Hands-on. Anyone who wants a basic one-day culinary course in cooking can attend and participate. What to do: Kitchen tool awareness and proper use, application of different cooking methods for fish, chicken and pork, techniques in deboning of chicken and filleting of fish and proper use of spices and herbs.Image title
  6. Basic Cakes
    Hands-on. Learn to bake the basic cake types. Recipes vary, but the common ones are Angel Food Cake, Chiffon Cake, Dark Chocolate Cake, and Butter Cake.Image title
  7. Beginners Cake Decorating
    Make an ordinary cake into a masterpiece with this hands-on course. Participants are taught how to makeRoyal Icing, Boiled Icing, Swiss Meringue and Ganache, among others.Image title
  8. Fondant Making
    Hands-on. Create your own fondant from scratch and decorate your own cake. Uber fun!Image title
  9. Sweet and Savory Crepes
    Hands-on. Learn to prepare wonderful crepes such as Mango Samurai and Smoked Salmon Crepe Cake. You will also make various fillings and sauces such as Caramelized Banana, Chocolate, Butterscotch and Creamy Mushroom.Image title
  10. Spanish Cuisine
    A demo class which you surely shouldn’t miss! Learn authentic ways  of cooking famous Spanish dishes such as Easy Paella, Callos and Churros con Chocolate.Image title

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    kindly send me schedule for the month of may, i want to learn how to make savory bake pies and your basic baking class. thanks.

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