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Elite Recipes: A Day in Tuscany with L’Opera’s Chef Luciano Paolo Nesi

At The Maya Kitchen recently, Chef Luciano Paolo Nesi of L’Opera thrilled his audience with his repertoire of fresh ingredients, simple recipes and truly delectable dishes.Chef Nesi who has called the Philippines his h... [Read More]

Sandwiches ng mga Professional

For recent graduates, it can be challenging to make the transition from student life to that of a working professional. Trading in school projects and weekend house parties for a full-time job is a big change. Soon ... [Read More]

Culinary Elite Series: Japanese Cusine with Seiji Kamura

Japanese chef Seiji Kamura is a regular fixture at the Maya Kitchen, hosting Lifestyle Classes on Japanese Cooking, Knife Skills, as well as authoring several Maya Kitchen cookbooks. He ... [Read More]

Extraordinary Pinoy Recipes from XO46 Heritage Bistro

XO46 Heritage Bistro, the brainchild of husband and wife restaurateurs Andrew Masigan and Sandee Siytangco-Masigan was the recent feature of The Maya Kitchen’s Culinary Elite Series 2015.Sandee Siyt... [Read More]

10 Yellow Cake Mix Recipes

Yellow cake mix is the the most prevalent and familiar-tasting among cake mixes. Most standard cakes use yellow cake mixes, particularly because of its moister and denser texture, as well as its batter which is ... [Read More]

XO46 - Culinary Elite Series May 2015

XO46 Heritage Bistro is featured this May 30, Saturday, in the Maya Kitchen's Culinary Elite Series. Tucked away in Salcedo Village and Century City in Makati are two elegant oasis for those who wish to enjoy t... [Read More]

Jr. Masterchef Kyle Imao, Back for Kids' Kitchen Adventure

Jr. Masterchef Champion Kyle Imao is back at the Maya Kitchen for another summer of culinary and baking fun with the second batch of Kids' Kitchen Adventure. Cooking and baking classes for children 5 to 12 years old... [Read More]

Kids' Kitchen Adventure (Summer 2015)

This Summer 2015, from April 14 to 17 and May 12 to 15, 9:00AM to 2:00PM, treat your kids to a delicious, educational and fun-filled experience at the Maya Kitchen, with Kids' Kitchen Adventure 2015.Y... [Read More]

Meet the Chefs: Charina Cano

Ms. Charina Cano, otherwise known as "Ms. Cha" or "Chef Cha" is the Sr. Food Researcher and Demonstrator at the Maya Kitchen. Aside from being an expert Chef, and primary instructor of the Maya Kitchen's Basic Culin... [Read More]

Flavors of the World – A Teen Cooking and Baking Camp

This Summer, take your 13 to 19 year-olds on another fantastic kitchen adventure with Flavors of the World – A Teen Cooking and Baking Camp 2015 (April 27 to 30 and May 26 to 29) hosted by Ms. ... [Read More]