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4 Days BASIC CULINARY CourseDAY 1  1. Lecture:         Kitchen Organization        Hygiene and Sanitation        Food Contamination ... [Read More]

Re-imagining Filipino Food with Amy Besa

On August 30, Saturday, 9am-1pm, The Maya Kitchen presents Amy Besa, renowned Filipino food advocate, author and restaurateur. Besa will share her culinary discoveries from all over the Philippines, from the seeming... [Read More]

Filipino Cuisine, a la Romulo Cafe

Romulo Cafe has established itself as a fine Filipino restaurant serving up traditional local cuisine with a modern flair and with portions perfect for sharing. Named after journalist, diplomat, and the first Asian to ... [Read More]

Lolo Dad's Chef Ariel Manuel

Chef Ariel Manuel, of Lolo Dad's fame, will be at The Maya Kitchen on June 21, 2014, from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM.Chef Ariel Manuel is best known for his masteful creations at Lolo Dad's Cafe and Lolo Dad's Brasserie, restaur... [Read More]

Chef Patrice Freuslon - Passionate for French Cooking

French chef owner, Patrice Freuslon, of Society Lounge and Riviera, describes his cuisine as a "passion, modern labour of love," instantly setting a vibe of fantastic contemporary food. His style uses the multicultural f... [Read More]

Mother's Day Baking Class

Treat your Mom to a different kind of celebration this Mother's Day!  Spend some quality time in the kitchen making delicacies from scratch and bond together with your whole family.Bake your Mom happy with the follo... [Read More]

Family Matters: A Family Cooking and Baking Class

You and your loved ones will be making the following:“Family Matters” will be held on April 26, 2014 at The Maya Kitchen Culinary Arts Center, 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM.Fee is P 1,000 / person. You may bring a maximum of fo... [Read More]