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10 Most Popular Maya Kitchen Classes

Aside from its 4 day short courses on BASIC BAKING and BASIC CULINARY, the Maya Kitchen is also known for offering Lifestyle Courses, as well as featuring top chefs and restaurateurs in its Culinary Elite Series. Mostly ... [Read More]

Noche Buena

Noche Buena is usually the grandest and most anticipated feast in the Philippines. Every evening of December 24, the entire family, in most cases including cousins, titos and titas, lolos and lolas, gather together for a... [Read More]

Maya Sweet 50: 50 Delicious Years

In celebration of The Maya Kitchen's 50th anniversary, we have come up with a series of videos, which highlight the lifestyle, and baking trends that swept the nation during the past five decades. 1960s "Flour power" m... [Read More]

10 Things You Didn't Know About Maya

You probably know Maya because of their hotcake mixes, but there’s so much more to this homey, comforting brand of classic Filipino house foods, that’s been around for over 50 years.In the 1960’s, Maya came up with... [Read More]

10 Interesting Facts About The Maya Kitchen

Photo courtesy of The Burp Society.The Maya Kitchen Culinary Arts Center is known to people of all ages, regardless of whether they are chefs or not. Through the years, it has shared the passion for the culinary arts to ... [Read More]

Christmas Food and Gift Ideas

The yuletide season is upon us once again. You can feel it in the cool evening air, and see it in the smiles of children and the young-at-heart, counting the days until Christmas.The lovely ladies of Maya Kitchen, who th... [Read More]

A Christmas Dinner Larry Would Love

“A good meal is one that satisfies all the senses. More than just looking good, it has to taste good…match the setting. More important for me, it should be enjoyed with someone.” — Larry J. CruzIn 1979, Larry J.C... [Read More]

Chef Cara Davis: European Food Made Simple

Our featured chef for the month of October, is none other than Ms. Cara Davis. A fresh face in the culinary arts scene, Cara has worked and apprenticed alongside world-renowned top chefs, at some of the most prestigious... [Read More]

Chef Martin Kaspar "A la Carte"

Chef Martin Kaspar is best known for the mouthwatering entrees and desserts that he has served at Swissôtel Hotels & Resorts, Byron Edsa Hotel and L'entrecote Corner Bar & Bistro, located at the Burgos Circle, B... [Read More]


4 Days BASIC CULINARY CourseDAY 1  1. Lecture:         Kitchen Organization        Hygiene and Sanitation        Food Contamination ... [Read More]