More Cakes & Pastries

More Cakes & Pastries

More Cakes & Pastries

Showcasing the most popular cakes and pastries, this book counts among the first to provide an illustrated guide. Includes cookies, breads, meringue, quick desserts, plus a whole section on irresistible chocolate goodies. Baking tips guide you, as  will the glossary of terms.


More Cakes & Pastries


SRP: P245


  • by Frida Santiago, post on | Reply

    More power to your books so far in so many baking books I have tried you are really publishing the proper ingredients and procedures .Thanks God Bless!

    • by The Maya Kitchen, post on | Reply

      Thank you ma’am. More power to you too! 🙂

      Glad you enjoy them. May we know which Maya Kitchen books you have in particular?

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