Mix and Match Meals 5

Mix and Match 5

Collect these 5 books about menu planning, featuring a four-week cycle menu, to mix and match daily meals. Also includes helpful tips, utilizing leftovers, energy and cost-saving ideas, plus food presentation and garnishing and a lot more.

Mix and Match (M & M) 1 and 2 feature home menu cycles, M and M 3 tackles international dishes, M & M 4 deals on Oriental dishes and M & M 5 features low calorie and high fiber dishes.


Mix and Match 5


SRP: P195

2 thoughts on “Mix and Match Meals 5

  1. Cristy says:

    I wish to have ebooks of your books, especially this one, so I could easily read by magnifying the texts through the use of computer. Do you have provision for this, like sending the ebooks in CD via LBC? It’s easier for me to pay via BDO bank deposit. Thanks.

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