Mix and Match Meals 1

Mix and Match Meals 1

Mix and Match Meals 1

Collect these 5 books about menu planning, featuring a four-week cycle menu, to mix and match daily meals. Also includes helpful tips, utilizing leftovers, energy and cost-saving ideas, plus food presentation and garnishing and a lot more.

Mix and Match (M & M) 1 and 2 feature home menu cycles, M and M 3 tackles international dishes, M & M 4 deals on Oriental dishes and M & M 5 features low calorie and high fiber dishes.

Mix and Match Meals 1

SRP: P195


  • by Elva A. Martinez, post on | Reply

    Where can I get these books? Am based overseas so when i went home in june 2016, i went to national bookstores in makati, santa rosa n rockwell but no stock.

    • by The Maya Kitchen, post on | Reply

      Hi ma’am, You may purchase Mix and Match Meals 2 at The Maya Kitchen. https://themayakitchen.com/mix-and-match-2-article/ Unfortunately, the rest are out of stock.

      Maya Kitchen Culinary Arts Center

      8th Floor, Liberty Building
      835 A. Arnaiz Avenue
      Legazpi Village, Makati City
      892-5011 loc. 108

      Mobile Num: 0929-679-6102
      Fax Num: 892-1185
      Email: [email protected]

  • by Ditas Sta. Maria-De Jesus, post on | Reply

    I bought M & M 1 to 5 from National Bookstore a long time ago, however the M & M 1 got lost when I lent it to a friend. I tried buying another one but there’s no more copy available in the bookstore. Can i get a copy of it from your office? Kindly inform me of the cost and when can I pick it up. You may notify me through my e mail address [email protected] or better yet through my mobile number 09175351671. Thank you. -Ditas Sta. Maria-De Jesus

    • by The Maya Kitchen, post on | Reply

      Hi ma’am, unfortunately M & M 1 is no longer being published. We will send your feedback to our publisher since there have been quite a few inquiries about it. Thank you

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