6 thoughts on “Maya Fluffy n’ Tasty The Original Hotcake Mix

  1. Raffy Abo-abo says:


    I’m leaving here in Ontario Canada and mi dying to know where can I buy Maya Hotcake Mix products in this country?.

    • The Maya Kitchen says:

      Unfortunately, we don’t have any official retailers / distributors abroad. Your best bet is to have someone bring some over from the Philippines. Sorry about that. Thank you for your support though. 🙂

  2. Liz Militar says:

    This is the only brand of pancake mix we used to buy when I was a child! Special Sundays would begin with opening a pack of Maya hotcake mix. My passion to cook started with making pancakes for my family. Thanks to Maya pancakes, I’ve been involved in the kitchen since. I don’t buy boxed mixes now as I have my own recipe for pancakes (as close as I can get to Maya Hotcakes), but if ever I would need to, there’s no other brand to choose from.

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