The Complete Guide to Baking

Complete Guide to Baking

Appreciate the clear language and step-by-step illustrations for successful baking in this book. Recipes are coded according to the ease and complexity in their preparation. Relatively simple recipes for beginners are indicated by onemeasuring spoon; those slightly complicated but should not be difficult for most are marked with 2 spoons; and those that require technical skill and mastery to some extent, are noted with three measuring spoons.


Complete Guide to Baking


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17 thoughts on “The Complete Guide to Baking

  1. Angelica says:

    Hello still available? This is the book my mother used before and I’d like to buy her the same one since she really loved this book so much.. but someone stole her copy..

  2. Angelica Malonzo says:

    Hello still available? my mother really loved this recipe book she was and still is heartbroken whenever she remembers that someone stole it from her. I’d love to buy her another copy this exact same one.

  3. Cleo Grace Hinaut says:

    Good day, I have lost my second (already) copy of The Complete Guide To Baking. Please let me know how I can get or buy another copy.
    I have been using it for my children while they were growing up, now I’d like to do it to my grand children.

  4. Janet Francisco says:

    Hi I got this book when I enrolled in bakery class, 10 years ago, unfortunately, I lost it during flood in Novembr last year. I want to get one again.
    Is there a copy available now? Is it available in Lazada or Shoppee ?

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