It’s Family Baking Time with Maya

Bake magic together with the whole family with Maya and The Maya Kitchen. Delight your kids with a truly colorful and wonderful Confetti Party Cake. Together make Easy Revel Bars with walnuts and oats. For a savory flair, have the kids toss and shape a rustic Dough-It- Yourself Pizza Blanca with oozy creamy cheese and rich white sauce.

Confetti Party Cake
This colorful cake is perfect for any birthday celebration and guarantees a party in your mouth.


Easy Revel Bars
This chewy, nutty and rich oatmeal bar may soon become one of your all-time favorite recipes.


Dough-It-Yourself Pizza Blanca
This is a very easy yet simply delicious pizza to make, with three types of cheese melted on its crisp crust.


Make baking time, family bonding time with Maya. For more recipes, log on to and

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