The Maya Kitchen's Sweet 50
A 50th anniversary production which showcases the cakes we've loved throughout our lives.

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Culinary Elite Series: Claude Tayag

“From a Kapampangan Palate to an Artist’s Palette: An Update on 4 Pampango Dishes,” is the title of Claude Tayag’s cooking demonstration for The Maya Kitchen’s Elite Culinary Series on September 26, S... [Read More]

Makabayan na Cakes

The month of August celebrates nationalism and all things Filipino. On this particular month, we hold our Buwan ng Wika celebration, where children are encouraged to speak in the vernacular, and wear ... [Read More]

It’s Chef Sharwin Tee’s Turn at The Maya Kitchen

One of local televisions most beloved chefs gets his turn to share wit, humor and of course, truly delectable dishes on August 29, Saturday, 9:00AM to 1:00PM at the The Maya Kitchen’s Culinary Elite... [Read More]

Food for the Rainy Days

The onset of the rainy season means bad weather and being cooped up at home. On these wet and dreary days, nothing can warm your heart and tummy than having a nice home cooked meal.Here are some ... [Read More]

Champorado of Champions

Now that the rainy season is upon us, few can bring the same comfort of having a bowl of Champorado warm your stomach as you wait for the sun to shine.Champorado --- its history can be traced all the way&n... [Read More]

Elite Recipes: European Food Made Simple with Cara Davis

It was one of those rare occasions when a young chef dazzles with the refinement and skills one would expect from someone older and more experienced. Chef Cara Davis, a young Filipino-Canadian chef shared her recipes of ... [Read More]

This Cake is Really the Ultimate Rice Cooker Hotcake

This lovely cake, fondly named "Goin' Bananas," is actually a Rice Cooker Hotcake. Flavored and topped with fried banana slices, this hotcake / cake can be easily made by children (and adults) us... [Read More]

Elite Recipes: A New Twist on Japanese Cooking with Seiji Kamura

Chef Seiji Kamura once again amazed with his take on Japanese dishes at his demo for The Maya Kitchen Elite Culinary Series last June 27, 2015 .He showed the audience how to do Salmon Tataki, quick seared,... [Read More]

Yummy Wedding Treats

It's wedding season once again, and edible giveaways and treats are all the rage. Instead of giving ceramic trinkets that eventually end up as junk, soon-to-be-married couples are opting for something more sensible and e... [Read More]

Elite Recipes: A Day in Tuscany with L’Opera’s Chef Luciano Paolo Nesi

At The Maya Kitchen recently, Chef Luciano Paolo Nesi of L’Opera thrilled his audience with his repertoire of fresh ingredients, simple recipes and truly delectable dishes.Chef Nesi who has called the Philippines his h... [Read More]